One Fuel Card Solution

“No more cash for fuel with One Fuel card”

One Fuel Card is a replacement for manual fuel book based reimbursement process between fuel stations and corporate clients. It enables a “cashless” and a secure payment option for an effective fuel (allowance) management system. This card can be preloaded with the fuel allowance entitled for an individual and once used at a designated fuel station the amount will get automatically deducted from the employee’s monthly quota. The system is facilitated with comprehensive reporting options for automated reconciliation.

Solution Highlights:

  • Replace the manual hassle of fuel administration providing automated reconciliation on settlements.
  • Web Interface for the company administrator to monitor activity by date, time and location for each transaction.
  • Convenient easy tap and go method which saves time and is hassle-free in operations.
  • Instant SMS notification for every transaction for better control over misusage

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