Call Management

In delivering our promise ”WE CARE ALWAYS” Mobitel introduces the call management facility enabling end users to manage their call behavior with multiple services such as Call hold, forward, block and many more to suit their individual requirements.

What is the Call Me Service?
This service allows you to request a call-back SMS from another Mobitel customer.
How do I activate the Call Me Service?
There is no activation required, just use the USSD dialing method to use the service.
How do I use the service?
Just dial the USSD string “*359*1*Mobitelnumber#” and an SMS will be sent requesting for a call.
How much do I get charged for using the service?
This is a free service; however, the user is limited to a maximum of 5 Call Me Service requests per day
Do I always have to be out of credit to use the Call Me Service?
Yes, your account balance should be less than Rs 1 to use call me back service.
Do I need to pre-register to enjoy this service?
No, you can get started right away to enjoy this service.
Can I send call me requests to other networks?
No, this service is exclusively for Mobitel users

This feature provides you the facility to take the second call while you are on one call, without hanging up on the ongoing call yet keeping it on hold. This will keep the first call on hold and take the second call and the other caller will be on hold till you retrieve the call back.  

Dial number 2 on your mobile phone to place the call on hold without disconnecting the ongoing call.

Never miss a call
Call Waiting is a feature which is already available on all phones it allows you to know who’s calling even when you’re on a call. 
This service can be activated/ deactivated by dialing below codes on your phone.

To Activate --> Dial *43#
To Deactivate --> Dial #43#

Talk to as many people as you wish at the same time

Call conferencing is a feature built into most phones which lets you talk to more than one person at once. This is very useful for business community to stay connected for official calls.

  1. Dial the first number
  2. Upon successful connection, put the call on hold
  3. Dial the second number, again put the call on hold
  4. Follow steps two and three to add more people
  5. Enter 3 to put all callers on conference
Block up to 30 numbers as unwanted incoming calls.

Use Mobitel SMART Pre-Paid.
To activate Call Block, send a SMS to 2565 or call to #888# from your handset to access the Self Care Menu.

Action SMS to 2565
To Activate Call Block YESCB
To Add a number to the blocked caller list ADD <number>
To Remove a number from the blocked caller list RM <number>
To View the numbers added to the blocked caller list CB
To Receive the SMS codes for the Call Block feature INFO
To Deactivate Call Block NOCB
Self Care Menu #888#

Then, enter option 2 (Activations & Deactivations) and select option 5 (Call Block).

  • Activation fee of Rs.10 
  • Rates are subject to Government taxes and levies.
  • There will be no additional charges to modify numbers in the blocked caller list.
Missed Call Alerts (MCA)
This is a service provided to customers enabling them to be alerted via SMS notifications indicating who they have received incoming calls at a given time when they were not reachable due to a various number of reasons such as no coverage, battery power out etc which will enable them to return the calls missed.
This service can be activated and de-activated with the use of below SMS commands 

To Activate MCA --> SMS MCA to 7676
To Deactivate MCA --> SMS MCA DCT to 7676

When you do not wish to be disturbed

When you do not wish to be disturbed or you have a low battery or you might just be out of network area, but still you do not want to miss any incoming calls, use Call Forward. Just forward all your incoming calls to another number, either on a land line or a mobile connection where someone else can answer them.

To forward all calls at all times
  • Dial *21* and the phone number to which you want to forward your calls, followed by #
  • Go to Settings -> Call settings -> Call Forward -> Voice calls -> Forward Always -> Forward to -> Number
To forward all calls when on another call
  • Dial  *67* and the phone number to which you want to forward your calls, followed by #
    For example: *67*0714090446#
To forward all calls when there is no reply
  • Dial  *61* and the phone number to which you want to forward your calls, followed by #
    For example: *61*0714090446#
To check forwards you have activated
  • Dial  *#21# or *#67#  or  *#61#
To cancel all forwards you have activated
  • Dial  #002#
Caller Identification

You can see the number of the person who is calling you. Caller identification helps you to decide whether you want to take the call or not. Do note that, if the call is from overseas or from a pay phone booth the number may not appear.