Getting Started
What is mCash?
mCash allows you to experience a whole new method of carrying out financial transactions by maintaining a Mobile Money Account. This is both convenient and easy to use. You will be able to deposit, withdraw, transfer funds as well as purchase goods and services and even pay your utility bills .
Who can use the mCash service?
All Pre Paid and Post Paid customers of Mobitel.


Step 1: Simply dial #111# and follow the instructions that appear on your screen

Step 2: After you register successfully, you will receive a SMS notification

Please ensure that your PIN is kept confidential at all times.

Account Types

  • Basic Account

You could register for a Basic mCash Account by dialing #111# and upon registration you’ll be entitled to an account limit of Rs. 10,000.

  • Enhanced Account

If you wish to, you may upgrade your account to an Enhanced Account with an account limit of Rs. 25,000.

Please visit your nearest Mobitel Service Point or download the application form and submit it to the nearest Mobitel Service Point to upgrade to an Enhanced Account.


Terms & Conditions

Application Form

User Manual