What is Safe Connect?

Safe Connect is a value added service/feature which offers parental control over mobile connections registered under one NIC. 
What are the services available in Safe Connect?
  • Incoming and outgoing call control
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS control
  • Internet usage control
  • The ability to track where your child is (location information)
Who is eligible for this service?
Only Mobitel Prepaid users are eligible for this service.
How many numbers can I nominate for this service under my prepaid connection?
You can nominate up to 4 numbers under one Mobitel Prepaid connection.
Useful commands for Safe Connect – 
Activation of package
ACT  and send to  163
Add Child
ADD<Number> and send to  163
Confirm child
CC<Number>PIN and send to 163
Change Child
CHG<old number> <new number> and send to 163
Remove Child
RM<Number> and send to 163
View numbers
PC and send to 163
Deactivate feature
DACT and send to 163
Whitelist maintenance

Activate white list for a particular number (incoming and outgoing)


Remove white list from all numbers


Remove white list from a particular number


Query white list numbers by parent


What are the charges applicable for this service?
Subscription and registration



Charge type

Become a parent

Rs.50 + taxes


Nominate child

Rs.20 + taxes

Per nomination

Service Management




Charge type


Rs.1 + taxes

Per access


Rs.1 + taxes


Rs.1 + taxes

Nominate call list

Rs.1 + taxes

See child location

Rs.1 + taxes

What are the conditions of this service?

  • Both parent and child numbers should be Mobitel Pre Paid numbers connected under one NIC number
  • One parent can have up to 4 child numbers under his/her NIC number
  • Charges
  • Monthly renewal of feature
    • Renewal fee will be charged from parent’s account only
    • If parent does not have sufficient balance in his account to charge monthly fee, a recharge notification message will be sent to parent.
    • Once the parent recharges with a sufficient amount, rental will be deducted and the feature will be enabled.
  • Service features
    • Each time a parent accesses this service to bar features either through SMS or USSD, Rs.1 + taxes will be charged.
    • If a parent doesn’t have sufficient balance in his/her account to perform this action, access will be denied.


  • Service Management
    • GPRS can only be barred & activated once a day
    • Location can be viewed only through USSD.
    • If voice service is barred, SMS and Data services will be barred automatically.
  • Number Nomination
    • Nominated and white list activated numbers will not be able to call or send SMS to any number or short code unless it is included as a white listed number
    • Nomination of caller list can be done only through the parent’s number
    • Nominated number list can only be accessed by the parent’s number.
    • Nominated child numbers will not be able to use any value added service and if any service is active at the point of nomination, the subscription will be charged until the service is terminated.




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