Enable VoLTE to enjoy seamless connectivity and HD Calls with SLTMOBITEL

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) is a technology that operates on 4G network to provide uninterrupted internet connectivity and high-quality voice calls among users who have VoLTE enabled devices.

Below are the 3 major benefits you would get with VoLTE.

  • The Data connection will NOT be interrupted when receiving a voice call. Even during a voice call, customers will be able to browse internet on 4G network without falling back to 2G/3G Networks.
  • When VoLTE is enabled, Voice calls will be made using the 4G network which will enable HD and HD+ calls by significantly improving the quality of the call.
  • Shorter call set up time. VoLTE improves the call set up time significantly compared to the time taken to set up call in 4G network without enabling VoLTE.

How to enable VoLTE?

Smartphone brand

Activation Path


Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Network > Enable 4G & VoLTE HD calls


Settings > SIM cards and Mobitel networks > Mobitel SIM > Use VoLTE


Settings > Mobile Network > Enable VoLTE HD calls


Settings > Connections > Mobile Network > VoLTE Calls.


Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data options > Voice & Data > Enable VoLTE

*Please note the activation paths may vary based on phone models and different OS versions.


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