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Mobitel Smart Home

By shashanka

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Mobitel Smart Home ~ Taking care of your home even when you’re away!

The launch of the Mobitel’s Internet of Things (Io T) Concept Store,  X-Station saw Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel break the barrier and spearhead forward to unveil the next tech revolution. Now Mobitel has climbed a further step up on the ladder of being the nation’s ICT leader by offering smart home solutions to its customers and catering to the needs of the fast-growing smart home niche of society. Mobitel’s smart home solutions are  supported by Mobitel 4G Wi-Fi connectivity for their customers that enables them to transform their homes into smart homes ensuring greater convenience, safety and accessibility of your home even while you’re on the move.

The Mobitel Smart Home allows you to transform your home into a state-of-the-art set up that can be monitored and operated at your convenience via a mobile app. The Smart Home solutions present customers with 3 package options catering to your special needs:


  1. The Security Pack – This pack includes a Smart Look Over Camera, a Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor that allows the customer to control humidity levels in the home via the app so that your home has the perfect temperature and humidity levels to suit your comfort. It also comes with a Smart PIR Motion Detector that is linked to the app and alerts the home owner with a notification when people are moving around the home. An advanced feature of this pack is the Smart Panic Button that is specially designed for the elderly that can simply press a button and a notification is immediately sent to the app asking for help.



  1. The Energy Pack also includes the Smart Look Over Camera, Wireless bulbs, Smart Wall Plugs and a Smart Touch Switch that will help the customer to save energy by monitoring it’s use via the Smart Home app even while you are on the go!


  1. The Convenience Pack caters to your utmost convenience with a Smart Look Over Camera, a Smart Rainbow bulb and a Smart Door-bell that alerts the home owner with a notification even if the owner is away.



These are just a few of the versatile, key features that Mobitel Smart Home solution has to offer to you – You can experience all of these incredible features in a live setting by visiting the Mobitel Internet of Things concept store, X Station that is centrally located on Duplication Road. 


When the world is racing ahead with smart home solutions, Sri Lanka is fast catching on, you can now transform your home into a smart home with innovative solutions that are catered just for your needs brought to you by Mobitel. For further details you can contact the Mobitel Hotline on 1717 or visit the Mobitel Internet of Things (IoT) Store, X Station on Duplication Road.


NSB iSaver ~ Creating a “Savings” revolution !

By shashanka

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Mobitel has joined hands with the national savings giant, National Savings Bank to introduce a digital revolutionary concept of savings – the NSB iSaver!

NSB customers can now visit any of the 16,000 Mobitel mCash retailers that are available island wide and conveniently deposit money into their savings accounts.The customer’s account will be updated immediately and they will receive an SMS notification indicating that money has been deposited.

Third party deposits can also be made to NSB accounts if the depositor has a valid NIC number. The highpoint of this latest facility is that it is absolutely free of charge and does not entail any extra fees. Customers have the ability to deposit a maximum of Rs. 5000 per day via this revolutionary concept.

The NSB i Saver is a digital innovation that is expected to provide customers throughout the nation in bringing convenience of depositing money to their NSB account through Mobitel Branches, SLT Teleshops, Singer Mega outlets, Supermarkets and 300 + Pay & Go kiosks located in central areas at any time during the day. Customers can also enjoy the opportunity of being able to deposit money on bank holidays, weekends and even have extra banking hours.

In the dawn of the digital revolutionary age this latest partnership between two of the nation’s largest conglomerates is expected to further instill the important value of saving money, thereby creating wealth and availability of funds for future investment.

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