Prepaid Roaming

1. How do I activate roaming on my SIM?
Every Pre-paid SIM is roaming pre-enabled. No additional deposit is required.
How do I recharge?
You can recharge through:
  • Dealer Top-ups
  • International top-ups (Link to world recharge café)
  • Voucher recharge - Dial *102* PIN No. # and press OK
  • Credit Card payment made through the Mobitel website ( (Visa and Master Card only)
  • If you need to add more credit to your account whilst roaming, a local contact person can recharge the card through a dealer point on your behalf.
2. How can I check my balance while roaming?
Simply dial *100#
3. Will a Pre-Paid out roamer receive the credit available through a USSD message after originating a call?
4. How can roamers contact customer service?
Call the Mobitel Roaming Hotline on +94 714 555 555 or the Mobitel Hotline on +94 712 755 777.

Prepaid FAQs