Texter Plans

What is SMS bundle?
SMS bundle is a new value added service offered exclusively for Pre-Paid customers. There are four SMS bundles available for Pre-Paid customers.
What are the available bundles?
Bundle name Bundle offered Charges
Texter 30 Rs. 5 + Taxes
Texter Plus 275 Rs. 44 + Taxes
Super Texter 645 Rs. 99 + Taxes
Maxxa Texter 1050 Rs. 145 + Taxes


How can I activate the bundles?

You can activate the bundles in two options.
Bundle name Option 01 SMS Activation Option 02 USSD Activation
Texter Type S5 send 767 #767# and press 1
Texter Plus Type S44 send 767 #767# and press 2
Super Texter Type S99 send 767 #767# and press 3
Maxxa Texter Type S145 send 767 #767# and press 4


What are the validity periods of the bundle plans?
Bundle name Validity
Texter 1 day
Texter Plus 5 days
Super Texter 10 days
Maxxa Texter 20 days


If I go beyond the bundle plan what will be the SMS charges?

Bundle name Over usage charges
Texter Rs. 0.15
Texter Plus Rs. 0.13
Super Texter Rs. 0.11
Maxxa Texter Rs. 0.10

These rates will apply only within validity period.


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