Controlling abuse in our Products & Services

Subscriber shall use the products and services provided by Mobitel in a reasonable and lawful manner. It is deemed to be unlawful where a Subscriber’s usage of/access to Services is identified by Mobitel to be fraudulent and/or is considered as unreasonable where such Subscriber’s usage of Services is adversely affecting Mobitel Network and/or other subscriber’s usage of/or access to the Services.

 Subscriber shall agree that any unlimited package/offer is intended for personal usage only and is subjected to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. Mobitel reserves the right to implement fair usage control practices to ensure fair access and prevent abuse, thereby maintaining the quality of Service for all Subscribers. These practices may include, but not limited to, speed adjustments for packages that are identified as prone to abuse. Additionally, where Mobitel has technical limitations to identify the method of abuse by a certain Subscriber who engages in activities that significantly impact the Network's performance (including but without limitation to unlawful or unreasonable usage of Services, reselling/resupplying of Services to third parties without prior approval from Mobitel), Mobitel reserves the right to apply controls at the user level for such abusers without prior notice and any other measure including but not limited to suspension of Services.