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Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

Mobitel partners THURU’s intriguing digital reforestation innovation startup 

Launching of the Mobitel Partnership with THURU at the Kotoyak Vatina Adahasak Season 2 with (from left) Hasanka Padukka – Co-founder Thuru (Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak Season 2 contestant), Mahela Jayawardena – Former Sri Lanka Cricket Captain and Mobitel Brand Ambassador and Prabhath Gamage – General Manager Enterprise Business from Mobitel.
Glimpsing joint synergies and strong potential for collaboration, Mobitel is poised to work together with THURU, one of the 10 finalists of the Season 2 of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak, Sri Lanka’s first-ever innovation and entrepreneurship based tech reality TV show powered by Mobitel, who conceptualized the programme and which was produced and aired on Sirasa TV. Mobitel and Thuru will work in collaboration with each other to take the initiative of THURU to the next level through co-creation and co-innovation. THURU is a digital inclusion of reforestation drive initiated from Sri Lanka with a mission to plant 2 million trees by end of the year 2020. As the technology partner for THURU, Mobitel will provide technical consultation to THURU mainly in the domains of NBIoT (Narrow Band Internet-of-Things), Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to make the system futuristic and intelligent. As the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel has taken on the mantle of a mentor to nurture tech entrepreneurs and innovative startups that can succeed as successful businesses. Through this collaboration, Mobitel plans to conduct a reforestation drive targeting the entire country and will reveal the details in the near future.
THURU holds the potential to be introduced as a gamified platform for planting trees, where the process is driven through a mobile app which is called “facebook for trees”. People can plant trees and upload images and details and the app will automatically give points and the person can climb up in the leaderboard as a true nature hero. The app will automatically count the oxygen output based on the type of plant and number of months/years of the tree. The longer the person takes care of the tree and uploads images, the more points he gets. It will be one’s guide for trees and will help users link up with like-minded nature lovers and tree huggers around the globe. THURU also carries out a reforestation/planting project around the country. Interestingly, they are always introducing  technology into the process with initiatives such as using drones to successfully reforest a large area within a short period despite the difficult terrain
Mobitel, under its credo, ‘We Care. Always’, is focused on environmental and social responsibility initiatives and this collaboration provides an ideal balance of both technology and greening, while engaging the larger community to become conscious of the need to reforest Sri Lanka for future generations. Mobitel is continuously supporting and encouraging tech entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, through many initiatives, to offer encouragement for innovators.
Monday, 2nd July 2018

Mobitel enables the visually impaired to experience the joy of books through the launch of a voice library

Nalin Perera - CEO, Mobitel declares open the voice library
Mobitel, through its Nethrabhimana initiative, launched a voice library recently. Upon completion of the project, it was entrusted to the Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped under the patronage of Mobitel CEO, Mr. Nalin Perera.
Voice Library
Last Vesak, Mobitel once again demonstrated its commitment to their well-known slogan ‘We Care, Always’ by showing that every Sri Lankan matters and successfully enabled the visually handicapped to experience the joy of Vesak celebrations. By combining one of the oldest methods of communication, storytelling, with modern technology on an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform, Mobitel enabled users to listen to the captivating stories of five prominent Vesak Pandols on display in Colombo. This heartwarming initiative effectively bridged the gap which previously prevented the visually impaired community from experiencing the splendor of Vesak in the comfort and the safety of their homes. 
An incredible venture, a voice library for the visually handicapped can be utilized as a platform to enhance and enrich the lives of such individuals. Mobitel embraced this opportunity and subsequently set to work to complete the task.  Following the undeniable success of phase one, the creation of the voice library was incorporated into the second phase of the initiative. As such, the voice library was developed at a request made by the late Hony. President of the Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped, Mr. Nawarathne Mudiyanse, along with those who participated in the Nethrabhimana project last Vesak. 
M Jayasundara – Treasurer, Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped commented saying, “As a teacher I am very thankful towards Mobitel for joining hands with us to provide the visually handicapped the facilities required to learn to read. This project will no doubt be successful in encouraging this community to pursue academic endeavors”.
Chameera Pubudu Kumara – Secretary, Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped commented saying “The digital voice library provided by Mobitel, was absolutely essential and valued by the visually handicapped community. To translate a book in to braille, is a time – consuming task, an audio book on the other hand, can be listened to on any device. We are grateful to Mobitel for providing the community an easy method for to access more reading material”
Dilani Sandamali – A beneficiary of the project commented saying “Today I am very happy as someone who belongs to the visually handicapped community. For my education I am required to read a lot, and I face many difficulties to read assigned books, as I required either get the help of someone else or find a braille version of the assigned book. Today Mobitel has provided us a digital voice library that gives me the freedom to listen to any book with ease”
Mobitel set out to collect the sum required for the project by seeking the involvement and donations from the public and matching every donation made, one for one. By engaging with the public in this manner, Mobitel has activated customers across the island to collaborate with this initiative in providing a pivotal service to the blind. As the contributions increase, the project is able to touch more lives as the National Service Provider continues to match each contribution. To extend this facility you too can donate via voice or cash donations. Customers are urged to send a SMS to 6352, the cost of an SMS is Rs. 100 /-


Friday, 22nd June 2018

 Innovative Waste Management Startup gets Green Light as the Grand Winner of Mobitel’s ‘Kotiyak Vatina Adhahasak - Season 2’

Sachira De Silva - Winner of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak Season 2 receives his award from Nalin Perera – CEO, Mobitel 
The Season 2 of the popular tech reality TV show, Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak, powered by Mobitel, drew to a close with a grand finale episode - with the startup idea for an innovative Waste Management system emerging the clear winner. Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak is Sri Lanka’s first-ever innovation and entrepreneurship based tech reality TV show powered by Mobitel, who conceptualized the programme which is produced and aired on Sirasa TV. In this season of the show, contestants were mentored by an expert panel in the journey of transforming their ideas into viable products/services and potentially into successful business startups. There were various pitching rounds in the show, including the final round, and judging was carried out by judges comprising industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs and academics across different industries. 
As the winner of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak’s Season 2, Sachira De Silva’s ‘Sustainable Waste Management and Recyclable Technology which will now be launched as a startup venture, vied for top hours with the other three finalists - Shasika Munasinghe’s concept of a ‘Convenient Eye Disease Screening System, Aruna Jayasena’s ‘Innovative Method to Increase the flight time of UAVs and Chaminda Kandamby’s ‘Multiple Use – One Card Platform’. 
Mobitel will continue to support and encourage tech entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, through many initiatives that offers an inclusive platform for innovators to pitch their tech startup ideas and support them to develop their creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and acquire the skills necessary to build scalable ventures. This programme has provided the winners the opportunity to submit their commercial proposals to potential investors to execute these products in Sri Lanka. 
Winner and three finalist of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak Season 2
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