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Friday, 17th March 2017

Mobitel & Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure partners with Ericsson for the first 5G Island of Innovation in South Asia

Ericsson in collaboration with Mobitel and the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure has formally signed the 5G Island of Innovation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 10th March 2017, representing a landmark strategic ICT partnership that aims to bring 5G Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and entrepreneurship to Sri Lanka for the first time in South Asia. Mobitel was also the pioneer in South Asia to launch a Super 3.5G network, to successfully demonstrate HSPA + MIMO technology and successfully trial 4G-LTE and 4.5G-LTE Advanced Pro technology. 
The 5G Island of Innovation environment will further advance the nation’s ICT skills and capabilities, supporting the ambition to transform Sri Lanka into a digital and knowledge based society, driving new and increased employment opportunities enabled by ICT ecosystem innovations.  
Hon. Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunication & Digital Infrastructure, says: “I commend Ericsson and Mobitel for taking the lead as responsible corporate citizens and long term Nation Building partners to the people of Sri Lanka. We are delighted to have partnered with Ericsson and Mobitel in forging this pivotal 5G Island of Innovation collaboration, which ultimately aims to leverage the power of home grown ICT innovation and entrepreneurship to create new employment opportunities and reduce the digital divide in the country. Indeed, the Ministry of Telecommunication & Digital Infrastructure’s ambition is to leverage the 5G Island of Innovation at the Mobitel Innovation Centre to stimulate entrepreneurial ICT ecosystem collaborations that combine the complementary skills and capabilities of a broader cross-section of ICT players for the benefit of all Sri Lankans.” 
Denis Brunetti, Head of Ericsson Sri Lanka, says: “In recognition of the enduring Nation Building partnership Ericsson has shared with the people of Sri Lanka for over 20 years, it gives me great pleasure to join hands with Mobitel and the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure in realizing the country’s inaugural 5G Island of Innovation strategic partnership. Ericsson will implement its 5G test bed technology in the Mobitel Innovation Centre in Colombo with the prime purpose of jointly creating a 5G IoT ecosystem designed to provide Sri Lankan ICT innovators an environment to develop and test 5G IoT applications and services”.    
Mr. P. G. Kumarasingha Sirisena, Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel, says: “We are delighted to contribute our state of the art Mobitel Innovation Centre to the 5G Island of Innovation initiative, providing a suitable environment for 5G IoT development in partnership with Ericsson and the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure. Mobitel is committed to creating an environment that is conducive to the generation of new and exciting mobile broadband products and services, adding value to the ICT landscape and our customers across Sri Lanka”. 
Through their long-standing history in the Sri Lankan market, Ericsson and Mobitel have remained diligently focused on serving their shared interests by leveraging their leading ICT capabilities for the greater good of the nation.
Caption – Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel Chairman P. G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena exchanging the MoU with Head of Ericsson Sri Lanka Denis Brunetti in the presence of the Minister of Telecommunication & Digital Infrastructure Hon. Harin Fernando.
Thursday, 16th March 2017

Mobitel receives award for Company of the Year for Innovation at IAIR Awards in Hong Kong  

The National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel received the prestigious award for “Company of the Year for Innovation” at the Le Fonti IAIR Awards held in Hong Kong recently. The award was presented to Mobitel for its outstanding performance in the field of innovative service offerings and for its leadership in the ICT field in Sri Lanka. Mobitel is the first operator in Sri Lanka to achieve this international award and recognition. 
The IAIR awards are held by Editrice Le Fonti SRL (a part of IAIR Group) is a research institute and a global independent publishing house with its headquarters in Milan. With more than 10 years in the publishing field, it is one of the fastest growing magazines worldwide concerning Excellence in Innovation & Leadership. The IAIR Awards is one of the world’s leading ranking systems and hosts award ceremonies in Excellence in Innovation & Leadership and is made up of the scientific committee of IAIR and along with a team of dedicated legal, economic and financial journalists in over 120 countries worldwide. 
Mobitel has always been in the forefront of innovation by offering the latest mobile telephony services, high-speed broadband, Enterprise Solutions and a host of Value Added Services. Mobitel also has innovative product offerings such as its mCash platform for financial transactions, mTicketing platform for pre booking of train, bus, movie & air ticketing and has also taken digital healthcare to the next level by including eChannelling PLC, the largest Doctor channeling network in Sri Lanka, to its portfolio strengthening its vital position in the Mobile Telecommunications industry in the country. Mobitel was the pioneer in South Asia to launch a Super 3.5G network, to successfully demonstrate HSPA + MIMO technology and successfully trial 4G-LTE and 4.5G-LTE Advanced Pro technology. The introduction of Dual Carrier HSPA+ technology and 4G-LTE service makes SLT Mobitel’s broadband speeds the fastest in the country.
Caption – Mobitel Head of Administration Wajira Perera receiving the award on behalf of Mobitel for “Company of the Year for Innovation” from the President of the LeFonti Group Guido Giommi at the IAIR Awards 2017 in Hong Kong.


Friday, 10th March 2017

Empowering Girls in Sri Lanka: Ericsson, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel and OUSL Launch “Connect to Learn” in Badulla

Friday, 10th March 2017, COLOMBO; Ericsson Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel and Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) unveiled the “Connect to Learn” initiative in Badulla on 10th March. To mark the ceremonial launch of the project, Hon. Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications & Digital Infrastructure graced the occasion as special guest of honor.

‘Connect to Learn’ is the global education initiative founded by the Earth Institute, Ericsson and Millennium Promise, which leverages ICT for a 21st century education in developing countries. The state of the art technology deployed at the ‘Connect to Learn’ Lab in Badulla gives the teenage girl students and teacher’s access to 21st century educational tools and resources, cross-cultural understanding, global awareness and significantly improved employment opportunities. Bringing ICT technology to the service of education is a common goal of Ericsson, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel and OUSL, and the role each one plays in the project is important to its success.

Hon. Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications & Digital Infrastructure, said: “I highly commend the Ericsson team for functioning as a responsible corporate citizen and long term Nation Building partner to the people of Sri Lanka. The people of Badulla are proud to join hands with Ericsson, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel and the Open University of Sri Lanka for the historic inauguration of the ‘Connect to Learn’ lab in Badulla. We have always maintained a vision to uplift the living standards of rural communities and to enrich their livelihoods, and this initiative gives us the opportunity to do just that. The government has been at the forefront of reshaping education in Sri Lanka on a platform of technology to make our youth true 21st century citizens. We are committed to reducing the digital divide in the country and we are engaged in multiple initiatives that are putting technology into the hands of people at the grassroots, across all walks of life. We believe in the power of education and equal opportunity for all. By empowering female students from farming communities across the nation, we believe the ‘Connect to Learn’ initiative will invariably open up a world of new and exciting employment opportunities for all of them. I believe that when we empower a girl, we empower a nation.”

Denis Brunetti, Head of Ericsson Sri Lanka, said: “It gives me great pride and pleasure to expand our ‘Connect to Learn’ Sri Lanka initiative to Badulla in the presence of the Honorable Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications & Digital Infrastructure. The ‘Connect to Learn’ initiative marks the first milestone of Ericsson’s ‘Technology for Good’ program in Sri Lanka, and we look forward to joining hands in partnership with the government and the people of Sri Lanka in continuing to harness the power of ICT to fuel our collaborative Nation Building endeavors for the greater good and benefit of Sri Lankan society. An innovative public-private partnership of this nature provides the ideal way forward for Sri Lanka to achieve its vision of education for all, regardless of gender or race. The farming community in Sri Lanka forms the economic backbone of the country, and by empowering these communities with ICT skills, we hope to enhance their livelihood, whilst opening up new avenues of learning and employment for young girls from these communities. Ericsson shares the government’s vision of uplifting the lives of rural farming communities, particularly through an education in ICT.”


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