In keeping with our aim to provide you with all the convenience possible, we make bill payment an easy process for you, with three ways to make your bill payments:
E Billing, paying over the counter at our eight locations that are situated all over your city and via SMS.

Bill Payment Methods

Modes of payments

To ensure customer convenience, customers are availed with multiple ways of payments specified below.

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Standing Orders
  • Credit Card
  • My Account


Now you can pay your bill by cash at any of our payment centers.


Do this by posting a cheque under registered cover to Manager Finance, Mobitel (Pvt) Limited, 108, W.A.D RamanayakeMawatha, Colombo 02. The Cheque should be written in favour of “Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd.”, along with the tear-off part of the bill. (Please indicate your Mobitel number clearly on the reverse of the cheque).

Standing Orders

  1. You have to fill the application available at Mobitel for "Standing Instruction" for MASTERCARD & VISA credit card holders. We will debit your card directly every month.
  2. Amex Card holders need to obtain / send application directly from / to Amex Card Centre, No. 107 DharmapalaMawatha, Colombo 07.
Credit Card
  1. Use your credit card to make the payment by filling & posting the tear-off part of the Mobitel bill. (Clearly write the credit card number, the expiry date & Mobitel number in the given boxes.)
  2. Make an online payment by credit card through our website for MASTERCARD & VISA card holders. Please login to 'My Account' and select the option 'Pay Online'.
My Account

Any customer registered with Mobitel my account has the option to make payments to their Post paid connection with the use of their master or visa credit cards. Login via My Account

Know your Bill

Refer to callout numbers in the image above:
  1. Customer Name and Billing Address
  2. Account Number: A unique number that identifies your account.
  3. Mobitel Number: Your ten digit mobile number.
  4. Bill Number: A unique number that identifies the bill.
  5. Bill Date: The date the bill is processed.
  6. Due Date: The date the customer is required to settle the bill. Preferably on or     before the date stated here.
  7. Balance brought forward: The balance remaining from your last bill. (Payment/s not received for previous bills, prior to the billing date.)
  8. Payment Received: Payments received during the last billing period.
  9. Arrears: If the full payment is not received from the previous bills, the balance carried forward will reflect here.
  10. This month charge: The total bill for the current billing period.
  11. Total Payable: This reflects the total of the current bill and any balance carried forward from the previous bill/s.
  12. Total of Subscription (with VAT): The monthly subscription of the tariff package and chargeable VAS services including VAT.
  13. Total Call Charges (with VAT): The total call charges of local (voice/video), IDD, Roaming for the period the bill is generated including VAT.
  14. Total of VAS (with VAT): The total charges on VAS services for the period the bill is generated including VAT.
  15. Total of Data: The total charges on GPRS data for the period the bill is generated including VAT.
  16. Total Account Adjustment: The MSL, ECL & NBT applicable on the total charges (excluding VAT).
  17. VAT Exempted Items: The items which are VAT exempted will reflect here.
  • Mobitel Branches
  • SLT Teleshops
  • SLT Regional Telecom Offices
  • SINGER Mega
  • Authorized Dealers
  • Keells Super Outlets (Payment updated after 1 hour - credit cards and cash payments only)
  • Arpico
  • Cargills food city outlets (Payment updated after 1 hour - credit cards and cash payments only) 
  • Banks
    • Online bill updates (People’s Bank, National Savings Bank, Sampath Bank, Hatton National Bank & Nations Trust Bank)
    • Next working day bill updates (Commercial Bank, Union Bank, PABC Bank, DFCC Bank & Seylan Bank)

For locations check Mobitel Store Locator

SMS Banking

Mobitel customers banking with National Savings Bank, Hatton National Bank (HNB), Sampath Bank,Commercial Bank, HSBC and People's Bank can reload their pre-paid accounts and pay their post-paid bills through a simple SMS.

Additional Features;

Enjoy the convenience of the Mobitel Menu-driven system for performing SMS Banking. This user-friendly system which is built into your SIM completely eliminates the hassle of remembering endless lists of short codes.

  • Account Balance Inquiries
  • Fund Transfers
  • Credit Card balance inquiries
  • Credit Card Bill Settlements
  • Payments of Utility Bills

For further details and registration, visit any Mobitel location or any of the above specified registered banks.

E Billing

Show your care for the environment, cut down on the usage of paper. Sign up for our E-billing services today and enjoy the benefits stated below:

  • Download and save or view your Monthly/Detailed Monthly Bill in the PDF format for free
  • Download and save or view your last three bill details.
  • Pay your bill online at anytime from anywhere
  • Receive an SMS notification when your bill is generated.

To sign up for the E-Billing services, just login to ‘My Account’ and click ‘Activate PDF Bill’

You have not yet created your account, go to ‘My Account’ and Register.