What is the promotion?
All postpaid and prepaid individual subscribers (see terms and conditions for exclusions) who subscribe to mInsurance service during the promotional period will be eligible to win a cash prize of 100,000LKR
What is the promotion period?
1st of October 2018 to 30th of November 2018
What is the cover?

Type of cover


Amount Rs.


Accidental Death and/or Permanent disability


Personnel Accidental

Partial Disability



Natural Death


How can I subscribe and de subscribe the service?
  • To subscribe type “reg” and send it to 220
  • To DE subscribe type “dreg” and send to 220
What are the chargers?
  • Post-Paid – Rs. 50 per month (Inclusive of taxes)
  • Pre-Paid – Rs.2 per day (Inclusive of taxes)
How do you select the winners?
Winner will be chosen randomly on December 10th
How will I be informed if I win?
We will attempt thrice to contact the winner and if we are not able to get in touch with the winner, we will move to the next person
Where can I collect the prize?
At the Mobitel head office
Who is the insurance provider?
This is a joint product of Janashakthi and Allianz insurance
How can I get the Terms and conditions?
  • Terms and condition can be accessed by dialing the IVR code 220 or via visiting
  • Dialing 220 is free
Terms and conditions for the promotion
  • In order to be eligible, a user must be an active Mobitel subscriber who has newly subscribed to mInsurance service during the promotion period.
  • Winner will be picked by a system generated report conducted in presence of Mobitel Internal Audit on the winner selection dates.
  • Winner will be contacted via phone and a confirmation letter will be sent to their address.
  • In case of an unreachable winner; there will be three attempts made via phone within 6 hours and if not reachable the next record (randomly selected) of the report will be picked as the winner. The previous record will be discarded.
  • The winner must settle any outstanding Mobitel bills under his/her National Identity Card prior to collection of the prize.
  • This competition will be open to all customers of Mobitel who have duly paid all amounts payable for the use of Mobitel telecommunication services
  • The prize cannot be negotiated.
  • Mobitel disclaims all liabilities in respect of the prizes after handing over to the winner and shall not be liable for any warranties applicable to cash prize
  • Only the actual user of the connection shall be eligible for the prize.
  • The participants agree to indemnify Mobitel for any technical errors which may occur during the competition period.
  • Mobitel holds the right to the winner selection and the decision shall be the final.
How to claim?
  • In case of a claim, customer should submit the relevant documents to Mobitel and Mobitel will direct the documents to Janashakthi/Allianz insurance to process.
  • For further clarifications on please contact Kasun on 071-212 6466


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Whereas the Insured named in the Schedule hereto by a proposal and declaration which shall be the basis of this contract and is deemed to be incorporated herein has applied to the HNB General Insurance Ltd. (hereinafter called the Company) for the insurance hereinafter contained. In Consideration of the Insured named in the Schedule hereto paying to the Company the premium mentioned in the said Schedule, the Company agrees (subject to the Conditions contained herein or endorsed or otherwise expressed herein which Conditions shall so far as the nature of them respectively will permit be deemed to be Conditions precedent to the right of the Insured to recover hereunder) that if after payment of the premium the property insured described in the said Schedule, or any part of such property, be destroyed or damaged by perils mentioned in the section “PERILS COVERED UNDER THE POLICY” under Section 2 at any time before 4 o’clock in the afternoon of the last day of the period of insurance named in the said Schedule or of any subsequent period in respect of which the Insured shall have paid and the Company shall have accepted the premium required for the renewal of this Policy, the Company will pay to the Insured the value of the Property at the time of the happening of its destruction or the amount of such damage or at its option to reinstate or replace such property or any part thereof. Provided that the liability of the Company shall in no case exceed in respect of each item the sum expressed in the said Schedule to be insured thereon and in the whole the total sum insured hereby, or such other sum or sums as may be substituted therefore by endorsement hereon or attached hereto signed by or on behalf of the Company. 
This Policy and Schedule/s annexed (which form an integral part of this Policy) shall be read together as contract and words and expressions to which specific meanings have been attached in any part of this Policy or of Schedule/s shall bear the specific meanings wherever they may appear. 
Section 1: 
1This insurance does not cover 
(I) Loss by theft during or after the occurrence of a fire : 
(b) Loss or damage occasioned by or through or in consequence of : 
(1) The burning of property by order of any public authority. 
(2) Subterranean ire. 
(c) Loss or damage occasioned by or through or in consequence of or contributed to  by nuclear weapons material. 
(ii) This insurance does not cover loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or arising from or in consequence of or contributed to by ionising, radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
2. This insurance does not cover any loss or damage occasioned by or through or in consequence, directly or indirectly of any of the following occurrences, namely: 
(a) Volcanic eruption or other convulsion of nature. 
(b) War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operation (whether war be declared or not) civil war. 
(c) Mutiny, riot, military or popular rising, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military 
or usurped power, martial law or state of siege or any of the events or causes which determine the proclamation or maintenance of martial law or state of siege or terrorism 
3. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the Policy this insurance does not cover 
(a) Goods held in trust or on commission. 
(b) Bullion, or unset precious stones. 
(c) Any curio or work of art for an amount exceeding, Rs. 500/-. 
(d) Manuscripts, plans, drawings or designs, patterns, models or moulds. 
(e) Securities, obligations, or documents of any kind, stamps, coins or paper money, cheques, books of account or other business books, and computer systems records. 
(f) Explosives. 
(g) Any loss or damage occasioned by or through or in consequence of the burning, whether accidental or otherwise of forests, bush, prairie pampas, patnas, or jungle, and the clearing of lands by fire. 
(h) If the insured building containing the insured property becomes unoccupied and so remain for a period of more than 30 days. 
(i) If property insured be removed to any building or place other than that in which it is herein stated to be insured. 
4. This insurance may be terminated at any time at the request of Insured in which case the Company will retain the customary short period rate for the time the Policy has been in force. This insurance may also at any time be terminated at the option of the Company, on notice to that effect being given to the Insured, in which case the Company shall be liable to repay on demand a rateable proportion of the premium for the unexpired term from the date of cancelment. 
5. On the happening of any loss or damage the Insured shall immediately give notice thereof to the Company, and shall within 5 days after the loss or damage, or such further time as the Company may in writing allow in that behalf, deliver to the Company. 
(a) A claim in writing for the loss and damage containing as particular an account as may be reasonably practicable of all the several articles or items of the property damaged or destroyed, and of the amount of the loss or damage thereto respectively, having regard to their value at the time of the loss or damage, not including profit of any kind. 
(b) Particulars of all other insurances, if any. 
6. On the happening of any loss or damage to any of the property insured by this Policy, the 
Company may: 
(a) Enter and take and keep possession of the building or premises where the loss or damage has happened. 
(b) Take possession of or require to be delivered to it any property of the Insured in the building or on the premises at the time of the loss or damage. 
(c) Keep possession of any such property and examine, sort, arrange, remove, or otherwise deal with the same. 
(d) Seal any such property or dispose of the same for account of whom it may concern. 
The Insured shall not in any case be entitled to abandon any property to the Company whether taken possession of by the Company or not. 
7. The Company may at their option reinstate or replace the property damaged or destroyed, or any part thereof, instead of paying the amount of the loss or damage or may join with any other Insurers in so doing, but the Company shall not be bound to reinstate exactly or completely but only as circumstances permit and in a reasonably sufficient manner, and in no case shall the Company be bound to expend more in reinstatement than it would have cost to reinstate such property as it was at the time of the occurrence of such loss or damage, or more than the sum insured by the Company thereon. 
If the Company so elect to reinstate or replace any property, the Insured shall at his own expense, furnish the Company with such plans, specifications, measurements, 
quantities, and such other particulars as the Company may require, and no acts done, or caused to be done by the Company with a view to reinstatement or replacement shall be deemed an election by the Company to reinstate or replace. If in any case the Company shall be unable to reinstate or repair the property hereby insured, because of any municipal or other regulation in force affecting the alignment of street, or the construction of buildings or otherwise, the Company shall, in every such case, only be liable to pay such sum as would be requisite to reinstate or repair such property if the same could lawfully be reinstated to its former condition. 
8. The Insured shall, at the expense of the Company, do and concur in doing, and permit to be done, all such acts and things that may be necessary or reasonably required by the Company for the purpose enforcing any rights and remedies, or of obtaining relief or indemnity from other parties to which the Company shall be or would become entitled or subrogated, upon their paying for or making good any loss or damage under this Policy, whether such acts and things shall be or become necessary or required before or after his indemnification by the Company. 
9. If any difference arises as to the amount of any loss or damage, such difference shall independently of all other questions be referred to the decision of an arbitrator, to be appointed in writing by the parties in difference, or if they cannot agree upon a single arbitrator, to the decision of two disinterested persons as arbitrators, of whom one shall be appointed in writing by each of the parties within two calendar months after having been required so to do in writing by the other party. In case either party shall refuse or fail to appoint an arbitrator within two calendar months after receipt of notice in writing requiring an appointment, the other party shall be at liberty to appoint a sole arbitrator; and in case of disagreement between the arbitrators, the difference shall be referred to the decision of an umpire who shall have been appointed by them in writing before entering on the reference and who shall sit with the arbitrators and preside at their meetings. The death of any party shall not revoke or affect the authority or powers of the arbitrator, arbitrators or umpire, respectively; 
and in the event of the death of an arbitrator or umpire, another shall in each case be appointed in his stead by the party or arbitrators (as the case may be) by whom the deceased arbitrator or umpire was appointed. The costs of the reference and of the award shall be in the discretion of the arbitrator, arbitrators or umpire making the award. And it is hereby expressly stipulated and declared that it shall be a condition precedent to any right of action or suit upon this Policy that the award by such arbitrator, arbitrators or umpire of the amount of the loss or damage if disputed shall be first obtained. 
10. In no case whatever shall the Company be liable for any loss or damage after the expiration of twelve months from the happening of the loss or damage unless the claim is the subject of pending action or arbitration. 
Section 2: 
This insurance covers damage or destruction to the property due to fire and lighting 
This insurance covers destruction or damage (by fire or otherwise) of or to the property insured directly caused by a boiler used for domestic purposes only. 
This insurance covers destruction or damage to the property insured directly caused by IMPACT with any road vehicle or animal not belonging to, or under the control of the insured.
This insurance covers destruction or damage to the property insured directly caused by an AIRCRAFT and other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom. 
This insurance covers destruction or damage to the property insured directly caused by 
The insurance by this extension shall not cover: 
I. Loss or damage to boundary fence and/or walls, canopies, gates etc. and loss or damage to property in the open. 
II. Loss or damage caused by rain whether driven by wind or not unless the building 
insured or containing the property insured shall first sustain an actual damage to roof or wall by direct force of a CYCLONE, STORM and TEMPEST, Company shall then be liable for such loss or damage to the building or insured property therein as may be caused by rain entering the buildings through openings in the roof or walls made by such a direct action of a CYCLONE, STORM and TEMPEST 
III. Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by landslides, subsidence, inundation from the sea whether incidental to CYCLONE, STORM and TEMPEST or not. 
IV. The escape of water from the normal confines of any natural or artificial water course, or lake or reservoir or canal or dam. 
V. Loss or damage by flood caused by overflowing, bursting or leakage of water tanks, pipes or apparatus. 
VI. Consequential loss or damage of any kind or description whatsoever. 
This insurance covers loss or damage to property insured (including loss or damage by fire) directly caused by flood which for the purpose hereof shall mean the escape of water from the normal confines of any natural or artificial water course or lake or reservoir or canal or dam, (but excluding destruction or damage by bursting or overflowing or water tanks, apparatus or pipes). 
This insurance covers destruction or damage to the property insured directly caused by Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes but excluding destruction of damage caused whilst the building is untenanted. 
This insurance covers loss or damage to the property insured occasioned by or through or in consequence of an earthquake. 
This insurance covers loss or damage by fire to the electrical appliances and installation insured by the Policy arising from or occasioned by over-running excessive pressure, short circuiting, arcing, self heating or leakage of electricity, from whatever cause (lightning included) subject to the terms and conditions of this policy. But it is expressly understood that no liability exists under this policy for loss or damage to any electrical machine, apparatus, fixture or fitting or to any portion of the electrical installation, unless caused by fire or lightning. 
10. Specified Natural Perils 
Tsunami, Tidal-wave, Volcanic eruption, Hurricane, Typhoon and Tornado. 
Special Conditions 
1. This cover excludes: 
1.1 Loss or damage occasioned by any person lawfully in or on the premises or by or with the connivance of any member of the insured’s household or employee of the insured. 
1.2 Loss or damage happening whilst the premises are let without an inhabitant actually in them if the premises have been so let for a continuous period exceeding five consecutive days and nights. 
1.3 Deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, money or securities for money, coins, medals, stamps, stamp collections, jewellery, watches, furs, precious metals, precious stones or articles composed of them, documents of title to property, contracts or other documents or business books or manuscripts, curios, sculptures, rare books, plans, drawings, patterns, moulds or designs unless specifically mentioned. 
2. The Insured shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of the property to prevent hinder or detect entry or exit by thieves. 
3. The Insured shall on the discovery of any event, which could give rise to a claim under this extension, 
(a). Inform the police immediately and take all practicable steps to discover the guilty party and recover the lost property. (b). Produce and furnish all such books records and other evidence as the Company may require for investigating or verifying the claim and shall give all such assistance that may be required. 
4. All sums which may from time to time be paid under this policy during each period of indemnity shall be accounted in diminution of the respective sums insured so that during any one period of indemnity the total sum payable by the Company shall not exceed the sum set opposite each item of the property or in the whole the total sum insured. 
5. The liability of the Company in respect of any item which is part of a pair or set shall not exceed the proportionate part of the insured value of the pair or set. 
The property described in the schedule is the only property so stated and answering to the said description in which the insured is interested. 
Warranted that during the currency of this Policy no retail trade, any other trade or manufacturing process be carried on within the described premises. 
Removal of debris (Special provision/ Cover) 
The insurance hereby extends to cover the costs and expenses necessarily incurred by the insured in the removal of debris dismantling or demolishing shoring up or propping of the portion or portions of the property insured by this policy destroyed or damaged by fire or by any other peril hereby insured against it being understood that the total liability for claim for loss or damage due to an insured peril and costs of removal of debris shall not exceed 10% of the claim amount in the aggregate. 
Alternate accommodation 
Notwithstanding anything contained to the contrary it is hereby declared and agreed that the 
cover granted under this policy is extended to include payment of rent for alternate accommodation up to the three months maximum of Rs.5,000 per month. 
Architects' surveyor's & consultant engineers' fees (Cover) 
It is hereby declared and agreed that the insurance by this policy extends to include architects' surveyors' and consultant engineers' legal and other fees (not exceeding those authorized under the scales of the various institutions and/or bodies regulations such charges prevailing at the time of the destruction of damage) for estimates plans specifications quantities tenders and supervision necessarily incurred in the reinstatement consequent upon the destruction of or damage to the property by fire or by any other perils hereby insured against (but not such fees for preparing a claim or estimates of loss) provided that the liability for such destruction or damage and fees shall not exceed in the sum insured thereby. 
Total liability of the Insurer under this extension shall not exceed the 10% of the building value in the aggregate. 
Accidental Death 
Cover is provided for Insured against accidental death. The Company will pay the insured person or to his legal representatives 
This section does not cover death 
(a). Due to pre-existing physical or mental defect or insanity 
(b). Contributed to or caused by the Insured person failing to obtain and follow proper Medical or surgical advice. 
(c). As a result of self-inflicted injury, suicide, the influence of alcohol or drugs 
(d). As a result of mountaineering necessitating the use of ropes or guides, any sport for which payment is received, any activity using under water breathing apparatus, racing  other than on foot, military air force or naval services or operations, aviation other than as a passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft, willful exposure to danger
What is Ran Medura Household insurance cover?

Ran Medura is a home insurance policy which grants cover on a first loss basis, this insurance package caters to those who are looking for an economical home insurance solution. This service is available for both pre-paid and postpaid customers. 

What are the benefits?

The following risks will be covered by this service (terms and conditions apply)

  • Fire & Lighting
  • Explosion
  • Impact Damage
  • Air Craft Damage
  • Cyclone, Storm & Tempest
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Electrical fire and lightning damage to electrical appliances & installations
  • Natural perils
  • Burglary


What is the value of the cover?

Type of cover

Value of the Cover


LKR 1,000,000

Valid Period

Once the subscription fee has been deducted for a month, the cover is valid only for 1 month. But in order for a customer to be covered for the current month, the premium has to be paid in the previous month. E.g. if the customer subscribe to the service on any day between January 1-25th, that person will be covered for the month of February. But if someone registers any day between from January 26 to February 25th, that person will be covered for the month of March.

How to subscribe and De-subscribe the service?

Ø  Subscribe- type REG and send it  to 456

Ø  De-Subscribe- type DREG and send it to 456

Once a customer subscribe to this service the premium will be automatically deducted for the relevant month.

Who can subscribe to the service?

Any post/pre customers who have provided the NIC number to mobitel and customers above 18

Who is the insurance provider?

HNB General Insurance 


Rs.100.00 (Inclusive of all taxes) per month

SMS to 456 Rs.2.00 (taxes) per SMS (Mobile originated)

Claiming Process

In case of a claim customer should submit the relevant document/s to HNB General Insurance. For further clarifications on the submitted documents the customer has to coordinate directly with HNB General Insurance and the relevant contact details will be provided to the customer by Mobitel contact center if needed.

Are there any additions SMS key words? Yes


SMS response

Sender ID

Successful registration

Thank you for subscribing HNBGI Ran Medura Insurance Cover, You will be covered for <month> <relevant year>  For T&C visit our website www.


Ran Madura

wrong keyword

Invalid request. Please type “REG” and send it to 456 to obtain the Insurance cover. Charges: Rs.100/- per month. Inclusive of taxes.

Ran Madura

Already registered customer sends “reg” to 456

You have already subscribed to Ran Medura insurance cover.

Ran Madura

Subscriber registered with Mobitel by providing Passport number or the driving license number, sends ‘reg’ to 456

Sorry. You are not eligible to register with Ran Madura Insurance cover.

Ran Madura

De-reg successful

De-subscription from Ran Madura service is successful. Thank you for using Ran Madura Insurance cover. To register type “Reg” and send it to 456. Rs. 100  per month inclusive of taxes

Ran Madura

Installment deduction successful message

Ran Madura installment was deducted. You are eligible for insurance cover for the month of <month>

Ran Madura

Installment deduction failed at the last day of the month

No sufficient credit to deduct the Ran Madura installment. Your insurance cover will not be valid for the month of <month>.    

Ran Madura

Send the keyword "char" to 220

Charges: Rs.100/- per month. Inclusive of taxes. Conditions Apply

Ran Madura

NIC of the subscriber has changed at the time of renewal of subscription

Subscription renewal unsuccessful because your NIC number has changed. Please reregister for Ran Madura again by sending the keyword 'Reg' to 456. Charges: Rs.100/- per month.

Ran Madura

How the monthly premium is reflected in the monthly postpaid bill?



Click here for FAQ's

Terms & Conditions


Notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary, it is hereby declared and agreed that in the event of Natural death of the members covered under the policy, the company shall pay Rs.100,000/- subject to the following terms, conditions and exceptions.


If the Life insured commits suicide (whether of sound mind or otherwise at the time) within one year after the policy Issue Date or date of reinstatement, or the date on which the member was legally contracted by the grantee (whichever shall be the later) the amount payable under this Policy shall not exceed the aggregate of premiums paid under the Policy without interest or such greater sum not exceeding the amount which would otherwise be payable upon the death of the member as may be represented by the interest of a third party acquired in good faith for valuable consideration and proved to the satisfaction of the Company not to be recoverable in any other way.


Where the death of the member is sought to be established on the basis of presumption generated in circumstances where he had not been heard of for a period of one year by those who would have naturally heard of him, if he had been alive, no money shall become due under the policy until the effluxion of a period of seven (7) years computed from the time when the member had ceased to the heard of, and this fact notified to the Company.


This policy does not cover injury or death or disappearance resulting from or caused or aggravated directly or indirectly in whole or in part by active service in the military, naval, air force, police, home guards or similar service.


No claim shall be payable under this policy if arising directly or indirectly as a result of the active participation of the member in any war, invasion, act of foreign enemies,

Hostilities or war like operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, civil

Commotions assuming the proportions of or amounting to, a popular rising military rising insurrection, rebellion, military or usurped power or any acts of any person acting on behalf of, or in connection with, any organization directed towards the overthrow by force of any government or to the influencing of it by terrorism or violence.


No claim will be payable due to any disability, abnormality, congenital disease, illness or deformity and consequences of those, originated prior to the commencement of this policy.

Period of Cover - 01 Month

BENEFITS - 100% of Sum Insured

Cover is valid Worldwide on 24 hours basis (Benefits are payable in LKR)

All other terms & conditions will be as per standard Janashakthi Insurance PLC, Personal Accident Insurance

LIFE COVER – RS 500,000/=

Scope of Cover : Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement only due to an accident subject to following exclusions.

Exclusions :

a) Pre-existing physical conditions

b) Engaging in Hazardous sports

c) Flying except as passenger

d) Self inflicted injury

e) Under the influence of Alcohol and drugs

f) Riot & Strike

g) War, Civil war etc.

h) Radio-active Contamination

I) While on duty as a Military service etc.

Period of Cover - 01 Month
BENEFITS - 100% of Sum Insured
Cover is valid Worldwide on 24 hours basis (Benefits are payable in LKR)
All other terms & conditions will be as per standard Janashakthi Insurance PLC, Life Insurance