What is the ‘Language Clip’ service?

It is a service that offers video clips on learning foreign languages. The list of available languages is as follows: Tamil, Hindi, Korean, French, Japanese and Chinese. The videos contain vocabulary, grammar and conversations illustrated in animated form for effective learning.

How can the customer subscribe to this service?

Type REG<space><Relevant Keyword> and SMS to 2211


















Once a customer subscribes, he receives a SMS daily with a link to the video of the preferred language. Data is required to view the content.

How can the customer unsubscribe from the service?

Type DREG<space><Relevant Keyword> and SMS to 2211


What are the Charges?

Prepaid            - Rs. 2 + Taxes per day (Per service)

Postpaid          - Rs. 60 + Taxes per Month (Per service)





What is Magazinos ?
Magazinos is an online web portal which facilitates/enables you to read both local & international newspapers and magazines. 
How do I subscribe for this service?
You can log on to  and follow the on-screen instructions (that are provided to you) 
Is there a free trial for this service?
Yes. Every new Mobitel customer receives THREE month of FREE service.
How much do I get charged for the service after the FREE trial?
Once your free trial has ended you can choose one of the following subscription options.
Daily subscription fee Rs.   4.00 + tax
Monthly subscription fee  Rs.  99.00 + tax
*data taxes are applicable 
Can I access all content during my free trial?
You can but, you will only get 1000 credits every month which can be used to browse through the available content catalogue  
Would I be exempted of data charges to access the portal during the trial period?
No. Standard data charges will be applied.
Is there a mobile application for Magazinos service?
Yes. There is an Android based mobile application which you can download for free. But you will first have to subscribe through so that you will be entitled for the free trial of three months.
How do I deactivate this service?
Please log on to the portal and follow the instructions for the deactivation process shown to you

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