Carrier Graded Wi-fi

No more worries about losing connectivity on your journey. Mobitel is now proud to present Wi-Fi hotspots to our valued customers. You can now access Uninterrupted High Speed Internet on your device from Mobitel Wi-Fi hotspots located all over the country.

All Mobitel existing customers and new users are eligible to use this facility.

Wi-Fi Plans

Package access fee (one time charge)*

Surfing durations (hrs)


Validity period (days)**






















Through Wi-Fi App
As a Mobitel Customer 
Existing Mobitel Customers can access Wi-Fi according to the Mobitel Connection Data Plan or Data Rate. (Refer the Settings tab for configuration)
Note: - Mobitel Customers can access Wi-Fi as a Non-Mobitel customer by creating a Wi-Fi User account through the Wi-Fi Portal. (Refer Wi-Fi User manual and below mentioned guide)
Through Wi-Fi Portal
  • Visit any Mobitel Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Switch on Wi-Fi of your device.
  • Search for Wi-Fi signals.
  • Select ‘Mobitel_Open’ on the drop down that lists available Wi-Fi networks and connect.
  • Select web browser, now you will be re-directed to the Mobitel Wi-Fi login page.

As a Non-Mobitel Customer

Select the Service Type as “Walkin” and enter Created Username & Password.

How to create a Username & Password?

User account creation through Prepaid Card

  • Go to “New User”, select “Pay by Voucher”, Enter the Prepaid Voucher pin and the desired user details (Name, User Name and Password….etc.) then register the account. (Refer Wi-Fi User manual)

User account creation through Credit Card Payment

  • Under “New User” select “Pay online” and the Package; enter the desired user details (Name, User Name and Password….etc.) register the account. (Refer Wi-Fi User manual)

As a Mobitel Customer

  1. Select the Service Type as “Mobitel Subscribers”.
  2. Enter the mobile number and click “Get Access Code”.
  3. Enter the 4 Digit Number Access Code and sign in.

Why you should choose Mobitel Wi-Fi

  • The flexibility offered by wireless access to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere
  • Uninterrupted data connection
  • Convenience and ease of usage
  • One Network, One User Name throughout the network
  • Better quality of service
  • Different login methods to suit your needs



What is the free 4G Wi-Fi Router offer?

Customers now have the opportunity to get a 4G Wi-Fi router free of chargeor at a special rate from Mobitel when they subscribe for a selected Postpaid Internet package.

Customer can choose a device model and go for any given Postpaid connection under the mentioned scheme.

Upfront Payment according to the model & Postpaid Internet package

Internet Package

Huawei E8372h Wi-Fi Wingle

Huawei B310s Wi-Fi Router

Huawei E5573 Mobile Wi-Fi Router

Value +




Heavy Surfer




Heavy Downloader




Max Downloader




ZOOM 1790




ZOOM 2490




ZOOM 3490




ZOOM 6490




From where can these 4G Wi-Fi routers be purchased?

These 4G Wi-Fi routers are currently available at all Mobitel outlets Island wide. 4G Wi-Fi routers also can be delivered to any location on request.

What are the models of 4G Wi-Fi routers that falls under this offer?

·Huawei E8372h Wi-Fi Wingle

·Huawei E5573 Mobile Wi-Fi Router

·Huawei B310s Wi-Fi Router

What are the standard selling prices of the said models?

·Huawei E8372h Wi-Fi Wingle                       – Rs.9,000/-

·Huawei E5573 Mobile Wi-Fi Router          – Rs.11,970/-

·Huawei B310s Wi-Fi Router                          – Rs.14,490/-

What are the specifications of the 4G Wi-Fi routers?

·Huawei E8372h Wi-Fi Wingle

o   Support up to 10 simultaneous users/ devices

o   Downlink speed up to 150Mbps

o   Uplink speed up to 50Mbps

·Huawei E5573 Mobile Wi-Fi Router

o   Support up to 10 simultaneous users/ devices

o   Downlink speed up to 150Mbps

o   Uplink speed up to 50Mbps

·Huawei B310s Wi-Fi Router

o   Support up to 32 simultaneous users/ devices

o   Downlink speed up to 150Mbps

o   Uplink speed up to 50Mbps   

What are the data packages customers can select along with the dongle?  

Any Postpaid Internet package for which the monthly rental is equal to or more than Rs.475/-

Do the customers have to sign an agreement when purchasing the offer?

Yes. Every customer should sign an agreement valid for a period of 12 months with Mobitel.

What will happen if any customer disconnects the connection within the contract period?

Customer will get charged a penalty as per the selected package for the remaining months.


Huawei E8372h Wi-Fi Wingle

Huawei B310s Wi-Fi Router

Huawei E5573 Mobile  Wi-Fi Router

Value +




Heavy Surfer




Heavy Downloader




Max Downloader




ZOOM 1790




ZOOM 2490




ZOOM 3490




ZOOM 6490




What can the customer do after completing the contract period?

The Customer can either continue with the same package or have the option to change to any      Postpaid Internet package available.

Can package changes be done during the contract period?

Yes. Customers are able to change their packages only to a higher monthly rental package by placing the required deposit. (Package downgrades are not allowed during the contract period)

What is the applicable warranty period for 4G Wi-Fi Routers?

One year from date of purchase for manufacture defects.

How can a customer get information on the 4G coverage?

Customers should contact Mobitel hotline via 1717 or visit the nearest Mobitel branch for more information.

What are the terms & conditions of this offer?

·Package rental and other usage related charges are subject to Government taxes and levies

·Availability is based on stock levels at the respective location

·Customer has to keep the deposit according the package

· Customer has to pay respective upfront payment (If apply)

· Customers should purchase the 4G Wi-Fi router and package at the same time.

If a customer requires only the 4G Wi-Fi router he/she should pay the standard price for a 4G Wi-Fi router which has mentioned in question No. 04.

·Every customer should agree to sign the contract for a period of 12 months at the time of purchase

·Credit limit will be as given for the respective packages

·Credit limit auto enhancement will be allowed

·Package change only allowed for higher packages and deposit will need to be kept accordingly

·Ownership transfers not allowed during contract period

What is Carrier Graded Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi Network which is capable of highly advanced technical Features and availability.

What is EAP-SIM?

It is a new technology that allows customers to access the internet via Wi-Fi without having to fill in the username & password (seamless). Customers just need to insert their SIM Card into their devices that support EAP-SIM technology.

What are the advantages of Mobitel Carrier Graded Wi-Fi?

Reliable internet connectivity

Seamless connection that allows customers to connect Mobitel Wi-Fi network without having to fill in the username & password. This technology is applicable for handset that has supported EAP-SIM technology.

Is there a limit of quota/speed if customers are using Wi-Fi as a Mobitel Customer?

No, there isn’t. The quota and speed are unlimited, but it depends on credit status of the connection.

Speed obtained depends on several factors as follow:

  • Power of the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Bandwidth at each location.
  • The number of users who access at the same time.
  • Servers that are accessed by customers.

If the above conditions are excellent, customers are able to get the maximum possible speed

How to enjoy the Mobitel Wi-Fi service with seamless connection feature?

Customers need to insert their Mobitel SIM Card and follow each step of settings as described in each handset settings guide.

Is it possible to use Mobitel Wi-Fi as a Mobitel Customer to connect internet without inserting SIM Card into the device?

No, it is not possible if the connection to Mobitel Wi-Fi network is through seamless connection because the authentication process is based only by using SIM Card.

If the connection to Mobitel Wi-Fi network is through the landing page of “Mobitel-Open” hotspot by logging in first, then to receive the OTP the SIM should be inserted at least on another device.

Is it possible to use Mobitel Wi-Fi with a connection from another operator?

Yes, as a non-Mobitel User it’s possible.

But to get charged on another operator connection it’s not possible. (With the APP or through the Portal)

Is it possible to use Mobitel Wi-Fi as a Mobitel customer, if the connection has run out of credit balance or the line has been disconnected?

No, it is not.

What are the types of handsets eligible for EAP-SIM feature?

Handsets with Blackberry operation system, Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and many others in line with technological developments.

What are the basic parameters to use Mobitel Wi-Fi with EAP-SIM technology?

Security Type Selection: EAP-SIM and SSID: EAP_SIM.

Why customers who use iPhone or iPad are always required for the username & password whenever they try to connect to “EAP-SIM” hotspot/SSID?

Due to the uninstall driver on Apple’s devices needed for EAP-SIM.

Check the installation steps on this page and click on Settings tab.

I forget my username & password of Mobitel Wi-Fi account, how to regain those back?

Go to “My Account “select Forget Password and enter the username and answer for the secret question entered on the account information, then the password will be shown.

How the customer can change Wi-Fi Username or the Password?

Customer can login to “My Account” and do the changes.

If a customer registered a Wi-Fi Account through a Mobitel Physical Prepaid Card or Credit Card Payment can the customer use the balance quota of that package on another Wi-Fi location?

Yes, within the validity period of the voucher it’s possible

If the customer’s Wi-Fi Quota is finished or about to finish, can he recharge his account?

Yes, the customer can recharge the account from the account created location or another Mobitel Wi-Fi available location.

Can the customer recharge his account through credit card payment?

Yes, if the customer has created an account with a Mobitel Physical Prepaid Voucher, recharging is possible with Mobitel physical voucher cards and credit card payments, Vice versa if the customer created an account through a credit card payment it’s possible to recharge he account with a Credit card payment or Mobitel Physical prepaid voucher.

On a Wi-Fi Reselling location if a user created an account, can the customer use it on another Mobitel Wi-Fi hotspot under Mobitel_Open SSID?  

No, the user can access Wi-Fi with the created account only from that particular Reseller’s SSID.

Can the customer recharge the account with a Mobitel Physical Prepaid voucher or a credit card payment?

No, only possible with a voucher provided by that particular reseller.

Can the customer view the usage of the account created for Wi-Fi?

Yes, under “My Account” portal customer can check the usage.