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FAQ For UK Doctor Consultation,

Are the doctors consultant or general practitioners?

Doctors are consultants

Is there a way to get the doctors profile / Doctors qualification?

Provide if required.

What’s the process to escalate the issues if the customer is not satisfied about the service?

Please email

Can the patient request the doctor by name/specialty?

In the first instance we require the specialty as not all requested doctors may be available due to diary conflicts.

Does patients contact number expose to any other party other than the Doctor?

Only vdoc personnel and authorized doctor will have contact number, we do not share with anyone else.

Can the patient continue contacting the Doctor through Skype or facetime after the 1st session as and when he/she needed?

If it is for an open case, the patient will be able to speak to the same doctor. If it for a new case, we can put forward the request but it may incur an additional charge as our doctors are dealing with many patients throughout the week..

Can a patient shift from skype to facetime during the conversation if not satisfied about the quality?

The service is supported on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows & Mac)

Can a patient submit report during or before the conversation?

It is at the discretion of the patient to share the report before the appointment with our concierge team for the doctor to review prior to appointment. All information is kept private.

Does the doctor prescribe medicine over the phone?

They can suggest the medication required. They cannot prescribe. The patient can visit their local doctor who can then arrange a prescription.

What is the refund process, in case of a unsuccessful service (Ex Not contactable, if I want to cancel the appointment)

If a patient calls eChannelling team for a refund please email with the request and a description of the reason for refund, we will investigate and revert to eChannelling team for confirmation of refund or if a credit will be issued instead. Where an appointment is cancelled outside of 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, please issue an automatic refund or cancellation.

Can the IVR charge waived off if the patient is not happy with the service?

Dialing charges will be waved off by relevant Telco operators based on the incident.

Can the appointment be done online (Web /Mobile App)?

Yes will be enable via and eChannelling App soon.

Can the insurance for the consultation be claimed?

No physical seal is embossed or receipt is given. This is an online service for medical advice.