Surf More and Talk More

What is the offer on ‘Surf more and Talk more for Broadband Users’?
Data subscribers are now offered a free voice bundle upon excess usage of 1 GB from the free entitlement (Per 1GB block = 30Mnts)
What are the eligible packages for this program?
What are the eligible packages for this program? Following package are eligible for the above program
  • Zoom 475
  • Zoom 590
  • Zoom 890
  • Upahara internet
  • Senehase Upahara
  • BB240
How many minutes will you get for excess usage per 1GB?
For Each excess usage of 1GB you will receive 30 M2M bonus minutes which can be used within the billing cycle.
If I exceed 1GB of excess usage, will I get the Voice minutes immediately?
NO. The free voice minutes will be added to his next bill run which can be utilized only within the billing cycle and will not be carried forward if it is not utilized. Ex: -You use 2GB of excessdata from your current bill cycle you will be eligible for 60 bonus minutes free which will be added to your next months bill.
How can you know whether the you are eligible for the Bonus Voice minutes?
You will receive a SMS informing the said offer to your Dongle/Device. You could call the Customer care hot line 1717 for more information.

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