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Friday, 15th February 2019

Kantale celebrates Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival 

Mobitel held its latest ‘Mobitel Cash Bonanza Carnival’ at the Agrabodhi Vidyaleeya Grounds in Kantale, on 26th January 2019. The Carnival offers day-long fun activities for the whole family, including bunjee jumping, art competitions, gaming zone powered by the high speed Mobitel 4G internet connection, IOT workshops, kids play area and Mobitel services and product kiosks, beauty culture kiosk and the special medical consultancy clinic organized free of charge. As part of Mobitel’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, a special eye clinic was held at the venue with the participation of renowned optometrists, where 1000 eyeglasses were distributed amongst the public. In the evening, a live band entertained audiences with a mega musical show to draw the Carnival successfully to a close. M. Malinda Sanjeewa Malporu of Battaramulla drove away delightedly with a brand new Mercedes Benz car; while A.G.J. Pushpakumara from Udawalawa, who came in second, was awarded Rs.1,000,000 in cash. T. Nandawathi of Rathgama accepted her Rs. 500,000 cash reward at the event in third position. 
Thursday, 14th February 2019

Mobitel Business Solutions (MBS) powers clients with the latest technology convergence

Mobitel Business Solutions (MBS) has strengthened its portfolio of business solutions portfolio for corporates that precisely address all their technology needs. A dedicated division of Mobitel formulated to cater the corporate clients with unique ICT solutions embraced with mobile technologies to realize their fullest business potential, MBS has entered into strategic partnerships to provide enterprise grade, tailor-made solutions with industry-leading products and technologies. The year 2018 proved to be a dynamic one for the company as it forged significant partnerships to enhance its suite of business solutions. 
During the past year, Mobitel partnered with IBM to offer enterprise customers IBM MaaS360 with Watson, a comprehensive mobile management solution that allows businesses to fully embrace mobile technology securely and quickly scale deployments throughout their organization. MBS has gone on to join hands with Utech (subsidiary of United Tractors) to introduce IIOT solutions; partnered Bileeta to introduce mERP; with Cemex to introduce mHRM and Kayjay, M3Force, Fetons, Office Networks for CCTV solutions. 
The company’s strategic solutions are helping it garner a wider client base. During the 2018, key client acquisitions consisted of Sretchline, Waters Edge, Jinasena, SAGT, Indoscan, HNB, BOC, Commercial Bank and Domino’s Pizza across a vast spectrum of sectors.
In addition, its solutions are empowering the SME sector, which play a vital role in the economic development of the country. Equipped with the latest technology, MBS’ goal is to enable the target population to access mobile enterprise solutions that would help them increase their efficiency, productivity and re-engineer processes.
As part of its exciting partnership with South Asia Gateway Terminals (SAGT), Mobitel has delivered a communication system based on the ubiquitous LTE technology, which it customised for SAGT’s mission critical communications within the shipping port. In doing so, Mobitel ensured SAGT benefitted from the advantages of deploying the world-renowned 3GPP standardised LTE technology. Some of the benefits accrued to SAGT as a result are mass market device availability at significantly lower costs, utilisation of licensed spectrum ensuring the network is safeguarded from radio frequency interference, proven network security and secure communications, and alignment with Mobitel’s 25-year experience in operations.
As the National Mobile Service Provider, the company has put its ‘We Care. Always.’ promise into operation by institutionalizing the same in its strategic organizational framework. The innovative customisation of Mobitel’s globally acclaimed LTE network has resulted in improved productivity of the port operations owing to Mobitel’s unparalleled service reliability. MBS also has established partnerships with Microsoft, one of the leading technology providers. 
The future looks very exciting for MBS as it pursues strategic focus areas to enhance its solutions portfolio. In the months ahead, the company will sharpen its IIOT solutions to enterprises for better management of machinery / production; pioneer carrier grade secure mission critical communication solutions; and extend industry specific solutions for plantations, transportation, warehousing, security etc. MBS has steadily built up a reputation for implementing best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, business intelligence and customer specific solutions for current and emerging needs.
MBS’ customers appreciate the fact that its solutions come as managed services with pay as you use/ with all included payment plans. Further, MBS focuses on providing utility services, support services, automation services for various industries leaving them to focus on their core business activities. MBS not only provides core offerings and home grown solutions but also extends expertise through local and international partnerships
MBS could be contacted through the hotline 0711 717171 or email
Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Mobitel broadens the country’s electronic payments landscape by introducing mCashQR   

In an effort to drive digital and financial inclusivity, Mobitel recently launched mCashQR, as an additional component to its mCash mobile app. By using a Quick Response (QR) code, users can make transactions with greater speed, ease and convenience. The mCash app allows customers to Top up, withdraw mCash and send cash to other users as well as make bill payments and purchase goods and services. The QR function simplifies the overall user experience for customers and retailers alike, enabling users to quickly scan a QR code and make the relevant transaction within a few seconds. The updated mCash mobile app can now be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS mobile users, and within the next few weeks, mCashQR will be rolled out to over 16,000 mCash touch points island wide. mCashQR was developed as per the technical standard of EMVCo (Europay MasterCard Visa Contactless), a global standard, making it an easy transition to LankaQR which has been introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka making the QR Code interoperable with other payment service providers.
Further mCash customers and merchants can create their own personalized QR code from the mobile app, by digitally embedding their wallet number and the transaction amount within the mCashQR code. In addition, the mCashQR code can be saved into a phone and can be shared among other recipients through email or social media networks. The mCashQR code can also be printed and displayed in various locations from a small vegetable or fruit seller to shopping malls, food outlets and elsewhere as a way of accepting payments. Whether the mCashQR belongs to a Retailer, Merchant or Bill Partner, the app will dynamically identify the mCashQR code and its functionality, and display the transactional function to the customer. Thereafter, by entering a PIN number and the transaction amount (if needed), the transaction will be completed, and the parties involved will be notified instantly via SMS.   
mCash is a Mobile Wallet conceptualized by the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel and approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. It was launched in November 2013 capitalizing the telecommunication infra-structure to conveniently, instantly & securely enable financial transactions from the mobile phone. Mobitel embarked on the journey of providing financial services in the country allowing the entire financial industry to benefit from its core competitive advantages such as the reach to customers and the distribution network that has spread country-wide enabling Digital Financial Inclusion to every Sri Lankan.
mCash offers services such as Sending & Receiving Cash, Mobile Reloads & Bill Payments, Utility & Institute Payments, Online & Offline Shopping Payments, Bank Deposits and the newly launched Digital Loans where customers can apply & get a loan from the mobile via mCash. To register for mCash simply dial #111# from your Mobitel or Etisalat phone and to start using the mCash Account, Top Up the mCash account using the mCash extensive retailer network that includes small corner shops to leading retail outlets adding up to 16,000+ touch points island-wide including Mobitel Branches, SLT Teleshops, Singer showrooms, Abans showrooms, Keells Super outlets, Amana Bank, Sanasa Development Bank Branches or top up mCash from the Bank Account directly via the mCash smart phone app.
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