Prepaid Internet FB Plans

What is a free FB plan?
A free Facebook bundle will be automatically activated with D499,D699,D999 and D1999 data plans. To activate dial #170# or send D499/699/999/1999 to 7678, or recharge cash in mentioned data plan values.
What is the validity period of the Facebook bundle?
In a single activation scenario, the Facebook bundle is valid for 30 days.
Does this bundle contain day and night quotas?
No. The bundle can be used without any daily time based limitation.
Does this bundle has any effect on the main data bundle?
No. You can activate data plans as many as you want according to your choice. (But the maximum possible data balance of the free fb bundle is 2GB as mentioned previously)
How can I check this Facebook free bundle balance?
Send DB to 7678 . The Facebook balance will be received as an SMS notification