Postpaid USD 5 unlimited data plan

Postpaid USD 5 unlimited data plan - FAQ

1. What is Postpaid USD 5 Unlimited data plan?

This package will provide Mobitel Postpaid customersto use unlimited data while they are roam.

Package details:

Package Rental (USD)

Data (MB) Validity period
USD 5+ Tax Unlimited 24 Hours
2. Who can activate this package?

All Mobitel postpaid customers are eligible to activate this packag

3. Where can I activate this package?

This package can be activated while in Sri Lanka or while roaming by dialing #999#

4. How to activate/deactivate this package?

How to Activate via #999#

  • Dial #999#
  • Select option 4. USD 5 Unlimited Daily Data Plan
  • Select option 1. Activation

Other activation Options

  • Use Mobitel Self-care App
  • Dial #999*05#

How to deactivate

  • Dial #999#
  • Select option 4. USD5 Unlimited Daily Data Plan.
  • Select option 2. Deactivation.
5. Do I need to activate this package again & again?

No. Once the package is activated, it will be automatically renewed after the validity period.

6. Do I receive any notification message when I activate this package?


Activation SMS:

Dear customer, unlimiteddaily data roaming planhas been activated. Please restart your device! Kindlynote that the data roaming plan usage and billing cycle will be reset at 12AM, Sri Jayewardenepura time every day. T&C apply.

7. Do I receive any notification message when I de-activate this package?



Dear customer, USD5 Unlimited data packagehas been de-activated. Kindly note you will be charged for standard roaming rates.

8. Can I activate multiple bundle packages at the same time?

1st activated package

USD 5 Unlimited data pack
USD 10 Unlimited roaming plan
USD 40 Weekly roaming plan
USD 50 Unlimited Monthly data plan

1st activated package

USD 10 Unlimited roaming plan USD 40 Weekly roaming plan USD 5 Unlimited Dailydata plan
USD 5 Unlimited data plan
9. What are the countries where USD 5 UnlimitedData packageis available?

Country list is dynamic & hence please use below options for details:

  • Use Mobitel website or Self-care App
  • Call Mobitel roaming hotline 0714555555
  • Email us at