Postpaid Roaming

1. How do I activate roaming on my SIM?
Visit any Mobitel branch, along with the required refundable deposit of Rs. 25,000/-.
An authorization letter from the company will be required if the connection is under a corporate account.
2. In what form could I keep a deposit?
  • Cash
  • Bank guarantee
  • Credit card payment
3. How long do I need to wait to collect my deposit?
Your deposit will be refunded after two billing cycles, after you settle your total bill & the current usage of your account.
4. What is 'CALL HOME'?
Call Sri Lanka at lower rates while roaming.

To make a call *140*94number#
For example;
*140*94712755777# (Mobile line)
*140*94112330550# (Fixed line)
5. What is ‘SMS HOME’?
SMS Sri Lanka at Rs. 5/- (excluding taxes) while roaming.

To send a SMS *123*number#
For example;
*123*94712755777# (Mobile line)
6. Is there a limit for my Roaming usage?
Yes. As soon as you reach 75% of your refundable deposit, a customer care executive from Mobitel will

inform you. You could request the Sri Lankan contact given by you to make an immediate payment. (For deposit-free customers there is a credit limit given by the person approving the waive-off.)
7. If connectivity is disrupted while roaming what shall I do?
  • You can request your local contact to call the Roaming hotline on +94 714 555 555 and facilitate reconnection.
  • Increase your credit limit by making an additional payment
8. If I lose my phone what should I do?
Contact Mobitel immediately, as you are liable for all calls made from that SIM.
9. How can I check my usage bill while roaming?
Simply log in to: Mobitel Services Menu * My Mobitel * Mobi Services * Acc Balance
Please note that the balance may not be 100% accurate, as networks may delay sending the usage data to Mobitel.
10. Do I get a detailed bill for Roaming?
Yes. You can get a detailed bill, Standard detailed bill charges apply.
11. Can I use My Mobitel, Value Added Services (VAS) when Roaming?
You can use only SMS based Value Added Services while you are roaming, but roaming charges will apply and but charges will vary according to the network you roam with.
12. Whom should I contact if I have any problems while Roaming?
Contact the Mobitel Roaming Hotline on +94 714 555 555, or Mobitel Customer Care on +94 712 755 777.
13. How would I know whether a particular network covers the city I am going to, and whether my phone is compatible in the country in which I intend to roam?
You can contact the Mobitel Roaming Hotline on +94 714 555 555 and obtain the information.
14. Can I see the number of the caller on the screen while overseas (CLI)?
CLI information is not internationally exchanged and standardized; so, you will not always see your caller number while roaming. However certain networks offer this feature.
15. Can I use SMS while Roaming?
16. Can I use GPRS while roaming?
Yes, all SIMS which are GPRS enabled nationally could use GPRS while roaming in our GPRS roaming networks.

17. Is there any handset (phone) requirement while roaming?
Certain destinations would require different handsets as they rely on different systems.
Renting of compatible phones is available at destination airports.
For example:
  • USA / Canada - Tri-band
  • Japan / Korea - 3G (WCDMA)

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