Emergency Alerts

Is there a subscription fee or monthly rental?
No. you will only be charged when you request for the service.
Charging points (must have at least added one contact)
  • When 311 is dialed
  • When #311# is dialed and selected ‘ Send a HELP alert)
  • When #311# is dialed and selected ‘ Send a SAFE alert)
How much am I charged for the service?
RS. 2 + TAX per each request.
How does 311 work?
Once 311 is dialed, call will be disconnected after 1s of call duration and you will receive your call has been registered and alerts are sent to your nominated contacts.
If I had 10 contacts do I still get charged RS.2+TAX when I request for the service?
Yes you will.
How does HELP service be accessed?
By dialing #311# HELP alert can be accessed
How does SAFE service be accessed?
By dialing #311# SAFE alert can be accessed
Am I charged for using #311# on USSD ?
no. but if you select HELP & SAFE alerts you will be charged RS.2+TAX
Is there a deactivation fee ?
no there is not.
How do I manage my subscription?
dial #311# from your phone and select ‘MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION’
How do I deactivate the service
by dialing #311# and then option no. 3, you can deactivate the service

Emergency Alert Service FAQ / Terms & Conditions