Prestigious Mercedes Benz cars and millions of cash prizes up for grabs with ‘Mobitel Cash Bonanza 2018’

  • Mobitel customers can now drive away with a prestigious Mercedes Benz car with ‘Cash Bonanza 2018’
  • As many as 220,000 Daily winners can win cash prizes each up to Rs.500 on a daily basis throughout the year. 


Commencing the New Year with exciting news for its customers, Mobitel has renewed its popular ‘Cash Bonanza’ programme for Year 2018. Mobitel Cash Bonanza is being re-launched in the New Year with more valuable prizes. The 2018 Cash Bonanza promotion will give away Mercedes Benz cars and moreover, loyal and lucky Mobitel customers are eligible to win over Rs. 190 Mn worth of Cash Prizes throughout the year in the Daily and Quarterly Draws. As many as 220,000 Daily winners can win cash prizes each up to Rs.500 on a daily basis throughout the year. Mobitel is the first operator in the mobile telecommunication industry to carry out this mega promotion starting with giving out 24 Montero Jeeps in the years 2016 and 2017 and this year this has been upgraded to give away Mercedes Benz cars to its valued customers. 
Cash Bonanza is a recharge/bill payment promotion for Mobitel customers. Mobitel Pre-Paid, Post-Paid and Broadband customers are eligible for the Mobitel Cash Bonanza draw with a winning chance for every Rs. 50/- cash recharge, reload or Post-Paid bill value payment. There is no separate registration process but all Mobitel customers are automatically entitled for the draw. For the daily cash prizes, Pre-Paid winning customers will receive the prize by way of talk time and data for the same value and Post-Paid winning customers will receive the prize by way of a rebate on their Post-Paid bill. Cash Bonanza winners will only be notified via Mobitel’s customer care hotline 071 27 55 777 and in writing via post. Customers will not be charged an additional fee for any prizes they have won.
During 2016 and 2017, the Cash Bonanza Extravaganza created immense excitement and anticipation amongst its customers islandwide, gifting 24 luxury Montero Jeeps through the two years to 24 lucky winners. In addition, Mobitel awarded cash prizes to over 800,000 lucky customers throughout the two years. Mobitel customers received Rs. 700 million throughout 2016 and 2017. These prizes have enhanced lives of the winners who value the generosity of Mobitel. Committed to adding further value to its loyal customer base, the operator has ramped up the prize value of its Cash Bonanza by distributing the more expensive Prestigious Mercedes Benz in 2018


Released date: 
Thursday, ජනවාරි 11, 2018

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