“Club points” is a points based loyalty program which enable Mobitel subscribers to accrue points based on their monthly spend on Mobitel services.

1.   Does the customer have to register for the service?

     No. Customers` will automatically enroll for the program & start earning   points based on the services they use.

2.   Who is it for?

     It is for both Prepaid & Postpaid subscribers excluding corporate.

3.   What are the services considered for points?

Service  Type

Allowed % for Club Points

Local Voice (M2M)


Local Voice (M2O)




IDD(Voice-Premier )






Roaming (Outgoing)


Roaming (Incoming


Roaming (Diversion)


Roaming(SMS Outgoing)


Roaming (GPRS)


USSD Call Home


SMS Home


GPRS (Mobile Data)


VAS-M Tunes






News Alerts


4.What is the rupee value of a point?

1        point = Rs.1

5. Is there a validity period for Club Points?

     Yes. The points will be valid for a period of 12 months.

6. What is a Club Cycle?

   The period between the start date & the end date, where a customer can accrue points   

 The Club cycle starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st of March every year.

7. Can I carry forward my Club Points to the next cycle?

    No. Points accrued within the Club cycle needs to be redeemed prior to the expiry of points.

8. How long does it take to credit/award points?

 Points will be credited within the first 15 days of the following month

9. How do I know how many Club points I have for redemption?

  •  Via SMS -Type “CLP” and send to 5500
  •  Via USSD #556# – Dialing #556#  and Selecting Option 1”View Club Points”

10. What can I redeem?

Club Points can be redeemed against the following services

  • Monthly bill payments           
  •  Prepaid top up          
  •  Purchase of handset / devices
  • SIM change fee / upgrade fee             
  • Number change fee                 

11. How do I redeem the Club points that I have earned?

    For Bill payments

  • Via USSD- Postpaid Bill payments - Dial #556# and select option 2
  • Prepaid Top up – Dial #556# and select option 2
  • By visiting Mobitel outlets

       Other services

        By requesting the CCE at the point of the transaction 

12. What are the Terms and Conditions for redeeming Club Points?

  • You can redeem over and above 100 points.

E.g.: If you have accrued 120 Points, you can only redeem 20 Points leaving a balance of 100 points in your account.

  • Redemption of points will be account based depending on the number of connections in the account & the points earned by each number.
  • The number should be in an active status request redemption
  • The number should be a registered number to request redemption of points.
  • The validity of Club Points redeemed against prepaid top up will be considered as a regular top up & thus be in line with the standard top up validity.

13. Can I transfer my Club points?

    Club Points are non-transferable.

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