Q1. Who is entitled for these offers?
The following subscribers will be entitled for these offers:
1. All postpaid mobile subscribers- excluding corporate customers and special packages
2. All postpaid broadband customers.
Q2. How can the customers participate in the special promotion?
The customers are requested to register through below specified methods to obtain the offer 
1. Activations of e-bill by calling 1717 and make a request through a contact center agent
2. Visit My Account and activate e-bill service 
3. Make a request at any Mobitel touch point 
Q3. How will customers benefit from this promotion?
From all customers who got registered during the promotional period, Mobitel will randomly select customers who will be eligible for below offers:



                                        NUMBER OF WINNERS

1st Month

6 Power Banks / 6 Gift Vouchers

1 Winner Daily

2nd Month

12 Power Banks / 14 Gift Vouchers

1 Winner Daily

3rd Month

5 Power Banks / 5 Gift Vouchers

1 Winner Daily

Q4. What are the conditions related to the above offer?
Only 1 customer will be selected to win the daily reward out of the total selected customer base
A customer who has won a reward already for any connection under his or her name will not be rewarded with a gift item again.
One NIC holder will only be eligible for 1 reward under the scheme.
All registered customers during the period will be eligible for the grand draw , out of which 5 randomly selected customers will be entitled for grand rewards.
Q5. What is the promotional period?
The promotional period for registrations valid till 31st May 2017.
Q6. Will customers who registered previously get entitled for rewards?
No. Only the new registrations made within the promotional period gets rewarded.
Q7. If a customer who have deactivated the e-bill before reactivated the service during the promotional period, is he also eligible for rewards?
Yes. Any new registrations or reactivations during the promotional period will be eligible for rewards.
Q8. When will the customers get the reward?
The customers will get the reward at the end of the month, but not on a daily basis.
Q9. Do customers get a warranty on the rewards granted?
Yes. It will be granted with a 1 year warranty period.
Q10. What is the access path for e-bill activation?
Interface access:-
01.   Common Application
1.1.E-bill Activation
Q11. What will happen if the customer is already registered to MY Account?
The system will automatically select the e-mail address already registered under my account and it will be displayed in the interface for activation and the agent will have to fill the other details and proceed with the activation
Q12. How can agents activate the e-Bill service?
The agents will have to log in to the interface given below, using the interface access path mentioned in Q10.
1.      Activation interface /termination interface & view interface to view the e-bills that are already sent to customers
Q13. Can any customer activate e-bill
No only individual postpaid customers and broad band connection holders- corporate customers cannot activate e-bill through this mechanism
Q14. What is the process if customer is already activated MY account
The e-mail address customer has entered in my account registration and e-bill registration should be the same- in the event the customer cannot remember agents are requested to verify and enter the accurate e-mail address. 


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