IDD Avurudu Offer

FAQ – Avurudu promotion

What is the IDD Avurudu promotion?

Mobitel offers the lowest IDD rates during the month of April for all Mobitel customers for 6 top destinations.

What is the offer period for this IDD promo?

This offer is valid from 2nd April to 30th April 2018.

Who will be eligible for this promotion?

Both postpaid and prepaid Mobitel users are eligible for this promotion.

How can I enjoy these low rates?

Now you can enjoy these lowest IDD rates for the listed 6 destinations by dialing with the buddy method.
To make calls using the buddy method, dial 100 followed by the country code and then the
recipient number. i.e.: 100
E.g: 100 44 XXXXXX

What are the countries and rates applicable for this promotion?

Country Fixed (Rs. per minute) Mobile (Rs. per minute)
India 2.00 2.00
United Kingdom 2.00 15.00
Australia 3.00 13.00
South Korea 3.50 8.00
Kuwait 10.00 14.00
Saudi Arabia 10.00 14.00

Do I have to activate / subscribe anything to enjoy the special IDD rates?

No, rate is applicable on buddy dialing method.

Is this rate applicable for prepaid IDD card users?

No. IDD card users will not have this promotional rate.

What are the other conditions applicable?

Necessary taxes will be applicable.