Dubai Data Roaming Promo

DUBAI DATA roaming promotion

What is DUBAI DATA roaming promotion?
Customers who are visiting UAE in month of January 2018 are allowed 50% discount only on the first day of the DATA Plan
What are the plans allowed for the promotion?
$5 Unlimited per Day plan is allowed for the promotion
Who are Eligible for the promotion?
All Mobitel Postpaid and Prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
How long the offer is valid?
From 1st to 31st January 2018
How will a customer be informed on the eligibility of the promotion?
Postpaid: Customer will receive 50% discount on his February bill, which will be notified via SMS once the discount is included to the bill.
Prepaid: Customer will be notified via SMS once he activates he will receive;

Dear Roaming customer, congratulations! You have 50% discount on your $5 Unlimited DATA plan activation. Happy Roaming!