Call Me Service

What is the Call Me Service?
This service allows you to request a call-back SMS from another Mobitel customer.
How do I activate the Call Me Service?
There is no activation required, just use the USSD dialing method to use the service.
How do I use the service?
Just dial the USSD string “#359*Mobitelnumber#” and a SMS will be sent requesting for a call.
How much do I get charged for using the service?
This is a free service; however the user is limited to a maximum of 20 Call Me Service request a week.
Do I always have to be out of credit to use the Call Me Service?
No, you can use the Call Me Service at all times.
Do I need to pre-register to enjoy this service?
No, you can get started right away to enjoy this service.
How do I check the remaining number of requests available?
The remaining number of requests would be displayed on the Call Me Service USSD confirmation message.
On what connection state can the Call Me Service be used?
All Pre-Paid subscribers in the Active state can enjoy the service. The receiver also has to be an Active user (Connection enabled with incoming SMS)
Can I send call me requests to other networks?
No, this service is exclusively for Mobitel users