Budget Roaming

What is Budget Roaming?
Budget Roaming is a cheaper and more convenient way to call Sri Lanka while roaming. It allows customers to call back Sri Lanka on a cheaper rate without requiring the customer to dial special codes while roaming.
Who can obtain Budget Roaming?
Post Paid customers who have activated the roaming facility can obtain the Budget Roaming service.
What are the benefits of Budget Roaming?
  • There is no need to enter special codes or dialing methods
  • Cheaper rates to call Sri Lanka, rather than buying a foreign SIM.
  • You can dial directly from the phone book without having to enter country codes.
  • There is no need to manually select networks. Network selection happens automatically.
  • Budget Roaming is available in more than 100 countries.
How do I activate Budget Roaming?
All Post Paid Roaming customers can activate this service via the below methods while roaming or while in Sri Lanka:

Via # 999 # Roaming services portal

To Activate       - Dial # 999 #  - Activation    - Budget Roaming
To Deactivate - Dial # 999 #  - Deactivation - Budget Roaming


To Activate        - Type ACTBUD and send to 999
To Deactivate    - Type DCTBUD and send to 999
Do I have to pay to activate Budget Roaming?
No. Activation and deactivation of Budget Roaming is free of charge. If activating via SMS while roaming, you will be charged the usual roaming rate for an SMS.

For more information regarding Mobitel’s Budget Roaming, please call our customer care hotline on 1717.