Bandham Prepaid Offering

1. What is the Bandham offering?
Bandham is a special prepaid offering designed to cater to the needs of customers who have friends & family in India. Bandham offers the cheapest IDD rates at Premier Quality to India & 19 other destinations frequently called as well as lowest Roaming rates to India. It also includes normal local rates for voice calls, SMSs, GPRS …etc.
2. How do we obtain Bandham?
By purchasing a Bandham prepaid SIM
Existing SMART prepaid users can opt for Bandham by simply dialing #575#
3. If I opt for Bandham, will I be able enjoy the current features like on my SMART prepaid connection like MBF…etc?
Yes, currently available features will remain the same. The IDD & Roaming benefits will be added.
4. What will be the roaming benefits that I will get?
You can enjoy the lowest rates while roaming in India without having to select networks manually.

Rates in LKR
SMS Call within India Calls to Sri Lanka Call Home Incoming calls GPRS Charging Method GPRS Rate
5 3 20 5 2 10KB 0.64

Note: Taxes & Levies applicable
5. What are the IDD rates that I will get for those 20 destinations on premier dialing?
Country Rates per Minute (Rs.)
Fixed Mobile
Australia 1.80 13
Bahrain 4 14
Canada 1.80 1.80
China 1.90 1.90
Cyprus 2.90 5
France 2.90 18
India 1.80 1.80
Italy 2.90 17.50
Jordan 11 11
Kuwait 10 14
Lebanon 10 19
Malaysia 2.50 3
Oman 18 25
Qatar 17 18
Saudi Arabia 10 14
Singapore 2.90 2.90
South Korea 2.90 8
United Arab Emirates 17 17
United Kingdom 1.80 14.40
USA 1.80 1.80

Note: Taxes & levies are applicable; billing is on per second basis.
6. Do I have to activate / subscribe anything to enjoy special IDD rates?
No, once you have Bandham, then you can enjoy this benefit by using direct dialing method.

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